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Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre

The Metropolitan Remand and reception Centre (MRRC) is a maximum security correctional facility housing around 900 male inmates. The MRRC is one of three correctional facilities which make up the Silverwater Correctional Complex located 21km west of Sydney’s central business district.

Inmates who arrive at the MRRC

  • Come directly from court on remand, or
  • Are transferred from other correctional facilities throughout NSW to stay at the MRRC whilst they attend court in the Sydney metropolitan area, or
  • Are housed at the MRRC while they wait for a vacancy to occur at their centre of classification.

Most inmates at the MRRC leave the centre within the first few months of their arrival. They may obtain bail and are released or they are classified and transferred to their centre of classification.


Holker St
Silverwater NSW 2128

Phone: (02) 9289 5600

Postal Address:

Metropolitan Remand & Reception Centre
Private Bag 144
Silverwater NSW 1811

How to Get There

Public Transport

See Silverwater Correctional Complex public transport directions. City Rail Information

Private Transport

See Silverwater Correctional Complex private transport directions.

Visitor Information

Visit times:

Visiting times and days:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (not Tuesdays)

  • 8.45am - 10am and
  • 12.45p - 1.45pm

Before travelling for a visit, please call the correctional centre to confirm visit and visiting time.

Legal Visits

See Information for Legal and Professional Visits to Inmates at the MRRC (101.4K pdf)


The MRRC provides work opportunities for inmates within a variety of industries. These include:

  • Textiles: The MRRC runs two large textile workshops which produce inmate clothing as well as garments for hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Laundry Services: The MRRC laundry services the Silverwater Complex, Parramatta Correctional Centre, Villawood Detention Centre and the court cells.
  • Headsets: Inmates package airline headsets.
  • Wirelink: A private sector partner providing opportunities for inmates to work with electronic cables (such as computer cables).
  • Ground Maintenance: Inmates maintain areas of landscaping and gardens within the MRRC as well as undertaking general domestic employment.


Accredited course, with nationally recognised qualifications, are made available to inmates at each correctional centre.

The Adult Education and Vocational Training Institute (AEVTI) provides literacy, numeracy and communications courses in all centres. Many centres also offer vocational courses such as Information Technology, Horticulture, Construction, Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft.

AEVTI contracts TAFE NSW and other providers to deliver courses in a range of vocational areas such as Hospitality, Business Skills, Building, Cleaning, Transport, Aboriginal Studies, Horticulture and various WorkCover licenses.

AEVTI also co-ordinates traineeships and offers support for distance education.

Each centre has a library giving inmates access to a range of fiction, non-fiction and reference books. Inmates can also login to a secure internal network called the Inmate Legal Portal which gives them access to material of a legal nature.

For more information regarding these programs visit the AEVTI WebPage.

Special Programs

A primary focus of the Offender Services and Programs is to identify inmates who may be at risk of harming themselves. Health care professionals assess these inmates and appropriate management action is taken.

The classification and placement of inmates is another major area of focus for the centre. This places inmates in the most appropriate correctional facility for them. Issues considered during this process include health and welfare as well as security issues.

Other major Offender Services and Programs include: - Education, Welfare, Psychological Services, Alcohol and Other Drug Service and the Chaplaincy Service.

Industrial workshops and business units provide working opportunities for 33% of the inmate population.

The Ron Woodham Law Library is a fully equipped law library to help inmates access relevant legal information.

Court appearances

Corrective Services vehicles transport inmates from the MRRC to attend court matters.

A Video Link within the MRRC enables some court matters (often bail hearings) to be heard from within the centre, saving inmates travelling and waiting time to and from courts. The MRRC Video Link connects to most urban and rural courts. Beside court matters the Video Link connects with Legal Aid offices from Dubbo, Newcastle, Wollongong, Liverpool, Penrith and Sydney.

Inmate Accommodation

There are four main accommodation areas (D, F, G and H Blocks). Areas are divided into smaller living units called Pods (generally four Pods in each area) Offender Services and Programs staff operate within each area along with Custodial (uniformed) staff.

The Pods contain a mix of one, two, three and four bed cells. Different types of cells are utilised for different inmate and management needs. All general accommodation cells contain a shower and toilet. However, specialised cells, such as safe cells have specific cell requirements and may contain limited facilities.

Each Block has recreation and outdoor exercise areas. Use of the large oval and inmate gym is co-ordinated by the Area Managers and Health and Fitness Officers as part of the structured day activities

Justice Health

A medical clinic and several satellite clinics operate through the centre. The clinical staff care for the mental and physical health of MRRC inmates, including specialised management of drug, alcohol and psychiatric problems.